Send your chicken all the way to outer space


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ChickenPOP! is an arcade game where your mission is to send chickens flying as high as you can. To do this, you have to skillfully place bubbles for your winged friend to bounce off of and continue its ascent to infinity and beyond.

The gameplay in ChickenPOP! is simple: your chicken respects the laws of gravity, so you have to try to make it bounce off of bubbles in order to continue climbing higher and higher. The problem? Along the way, you'll come across other birds, drones, clouds, and pesky bees. The bees, for example, tend to pop the bubbles at worst times.

When you finally manage to get your chicken to outer space, the gameplay changes slightly. Since there's no gravity, you'll have to guide a rocket that's attached to your feathered hero. This is how you'll dodge satellites and asteroids as you go.

ChickenPOP! is a wacky arcade game that offers a fun and addictive challenge. Best of all, as you complete challenges, you'll get to unlock new characters like roosters, chickens in diving gear, and so much more.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher